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Powerhouse Athletics offers one on one and small group personal training sessions. These boot camp style sessions are centered around helping you establish whatever fitness goals goals you have.

Why do you need a Personal Trainer:

  • To lose weight – This is the most obvious reason people want to work out, period.
  • To begin or continue on a healthy plan – When people become ill and overcome illness they become inspired to cherish their health.
  • To overcome a plateau – people who workout in a gym and do the same routine become unmotivated and their progress had come to a halt.
  • To increase confidence – a trainer can can help through their workouts that will validate them, helping them overcome their insecurities.
  • To get ready for a special event – people are excited about weddings, birthdays and holidays.

This includes various plyometrics, speed/ agility and sprint training.  excellent for any age group that is looking to get an edge in any sport! Expect drills and a good sweat!

This workout is geared towards improving your alignment, posture, and self awareness. These workouts are high energy and music driven and fits right in with our culture at Powerhouse Athletics.

Every workout comes with a food composition guide to ensure that you are able to continue your fitness goals during your day to day routine. Specific meal preparation ideas and recipes are also available.

Being a former optional gymnast, I know the importance of having a fun, unique and personalized gymnastics routine to perform. There was nothing better than executing an amazing floor routine where teammates, judges and the crowd would get into my routine, or a beam routine where after my dismount the judges gave me a warm smile and nod.  Not only would it fuel my adrenaline but it helped helped my self confidence for the rest of the meet. My unique choreography approach to the floor and beam exercises will surely get your daughter the same results guaranteed!

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